Share your story

God has done amazing things at Mosaic Church, but the most remarkable thing that occurs in our church is when lives are forever changed. Whether you’ve been a part of Mosaic from day one or just joined us, we want to hear your story.

Hello Everyone,

I pray that you are doing EXTREMELY well today. My heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude as I reflect on this past year at Mosaic Church. 

As I reflect, visions of smiling faces, tears of joy, brotherly and sisterly embraces, and an abundance of laughter are beautifully displayed on the canvas of my mind. I recall conversations, emails, text messages, and letters of encouragement and appreciation for all that God is doing in your lives and how grateful you are to be a part of the story that God is writing at Mosaic Church.

Today I am asking you to “Share Your Story”. Your stories create a beautiful tapestry of triumph, perseverance, community, and love and I know YOUR story will surely inspire and impact someone in an amazing way.

Here’s what I’d like for you to do:

1. Record a short video, no longer than 90 seconds using your computer, video camera, smartphone, tablet, etc.

2. Answer these 2 questions in your video:

  • When did you come to Mosaic Church?
  • How has your experience at Mosaic Church had an impact on your life?

3. Email your video to no later than 11/30/16.

I am excited about all that God is doing in your life right now and I can hardly contain myself thinking about His plans for your future. Let’s keep growing together.

With Love,

Pastor Broderick